Gold Fiducial Markers

Accessories for Radiation Therapy

Designed for superior image guidance during EBRT, IMRT and HDR brachytherapy procedures. 

Gold fiducial markers in preloaded, pre-waxed needles.

Image Guidance for Radiation Therapy

Gold markers are used to optimize target visualization during external beam radiation therapy and brachytherapy procedures. Their placement in soft tissue or organs prior to therapeutic treatments help to provide for clearer identification of anatomic regions around a target treatment site. As a result, their use may aid in better dosimetric coverage of the target site.

Markers in Different Lengths and Diameters

According to specific needs and proposed treatment site, customers may choose from two markers with different sizes. The Gold Fiducial Markers are available in 3.0 mm and 5.0 mm lengths as well as in 1.2 mm and 1.0 mm diameter. Accordingly, they come in 17 or 18G needles. All markers are cast from solid gold and provide visualization under fluoroscopy, X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound and other imaging modalities.

Individual Packaging
Gold Fiducial Markers are available in different packaging configurations. According to the planned treatment site and required marker quantity, they may be ordered individually packed or in 3/pouch.

Convenience through Preloaded Needles
Gold Fiducial Markers are preloaded in pre-waxed needles, shipped sterile and are ready for immediate use, thus allowing for more efficient procedures.