IsoStrand® is designed to provide reliable fixation within prostate tissue.

The IsoStrand® Cutting Fixture is helpful to perform manual strand cutting under radiation protection.

I-125 Seed Chain

The IsoStrand® seed chain consists of 10 IsoSeeds with standard seed-spacer configuration and a 1.0 cm center-to-center spacing. It can accomodate either IsoSeed® I25.S06 or IsoSeed® I25.S17plus.


Good Visibility

IsoStrand® is available with either I25.S06 or I25.S17plus source model designs. Both seed types are visible under X-ray, fluoroscopy, CT and MR, and additionally show good ultrasound visibility.


Low Migration Rates

One advantage of strands is their low migration rate. IsoStrand® is specially designed to reduce the migration rates still further. IsoStrand® consists of seeds and hourglass-shaped spacers which are embedded in a braided monofilament suture. This special design enables reliable fixation within prostate tissue and helps to reduce seed migration.

Short Delivery Time

Our production processes and intelligent stock management, with facilities centrally located in Europe, ensure fast and reliable delivery times. IsoStrand® can generally be delivered worldwide, allowing flexible patient scheduling.


The activity of IsoStrand® can very quickly and easily be measured. This is of particular importance for clinics assaying 100% of seeds.

Calibration to NIST and PTB
The certified source strength of IsoSeed® is based on air kerma measurements. The source strength of IsoSeed® I25.S17plus is calibrated traceable to the primary SK,N99 standard of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). The source strength of IsoSeed® I25.S06 is calibrated traceable to the primary standard of the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB).

Guaranteed Biocompatibility
The titanium capsule of IsoSeed® is made of implant grade material. The finished products have been tested for biocompatibility.

"Made in Germany" Quality
The production of IsoStrand® is performed at the manufacturing facility in Berlin, Germany, operating under strict quality and regulatory standards. Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG is certified according to ISO 13485.