IsoStrand® is designed to provide reliable fixation within prostate tissue.

The IsoStrand® Cutting Fixture is helpful to perform manual strand cutting under radiation protection.

I-125 Seed Chain

The IsoStrand® seed chain consists of 10 IsoSeeds with standard seed-spacer configuration and a 1.0 cm center-to-center spacing. It can accomodate either IsoSeed® I25.S06 or IsoSeed® I25.S17plus.


Good Visibility

IsoStrand® is available with either I25.S06 or I25.S17plus source model designs. Both seed types are visible under X-ray, fluoroscopy, CT and MR and additionally show good ultrasound visibility.


Low Migration Rates

One advantage of strands is their low migration rate. IsoStrand® is specially designed to reduce the migration rates still further. IsoStrand® consists of seeds and hourglass-shaped spacers which are embedded in a braided monofilament suture. This special design enables reliable fixation within prostate tissue and helps to reduce seed migration.

IsoStrand® Accessories
Accessories include:

Short Delivery Time

Our production processes and intelligent stock management, with facilities centrally located in Europe, ensure fast and reliable delivery times. IsoStrand® can generally be delivered worldwide, allowing flexible patient scheduling.


The activity of IsoStrand® can very quickly and easily be measured. This is of particular importance for clinics assaying 100% of seeds.

Calibration to NIST and PTB
The certified source strength of IsoSeed® is based on air kerma measurements. The source strength of IsoSeed® I25.S17plus is calibrated traceable to the primary SK,N99 standard of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). The source strength of IsoSeed® I25.S06 is calibrated traceable to the primary standard of the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB).

Guaranteed Biocompatibility
The titanium capsule of IsoSeed® is made of implant grade material. The finished products have been tested for biocompatibility.

"Made in Germany" Quality
The production of IsoStrand® is performed at the manufacturing facility in Berlin, Germany, operating under strict quality and regulatory standards. Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG is certified according to ISO 13485.