Stranded Seeds in Unique Radiation Protection Magazines

I-125 seed chain with special design for reliable fixation within prostate tissue.

Strand cutting and needle loading are safe and fast with the IsoCord® Needle Loading Station.

IsoCord® - Innovative Strand Cutting
IsoCord® seed chains (strands) contain IsoSeed® I-125 seeds and hourglass-shaped spacers in standard seed-spacer configuration, enclosed in a braided monofilament suture. IsoCord® strands are delivered in shielded magazines containing up to 70 seeds.

Good Visibility
IsoCord® is available in two different designs: I25.S17plus and I25.S06. Both sealed source models are visible under X-ray, fluoroscopy, CT, and MR and additionally show good ultrasound visibility.

  • „„IsoSeed® I25.S17plus features a full silver marker and has been designed for visibility under X-ray/fluoroscopic imaging. In addition, it enables MR Imaging and opens new perspectives for postoperative planning.
  • „„IsoSeed® I25.S06 contains a thin gold marker within a ceramic carrier, diminishing artifacts and providing good visibility in CT imaging.

Low Migration Rates

One advantage of strands is their low migration rate. IsoCord® strands are specially designed to reduce the migration rates still further. The structured surface of the braided suture, as well as the unique, hourglass-shaped spacers, provide reliable fixation of the IsoCord® strand in prostate tissue.


Strand Cutting and Needle Loading – Safe and Fast

With the help of the unique IsoCord® Needle Loading Station, IsoCord® is cut into any required length according to the treatment plan. Strand cutting is safe and convenient and takes place under full radiation protection. The IsoCord® Needle Loading Station permits direct loading of the implantation needles in three simple steps avoiding the need to handle strands manually.

IsoCord® Accessories

Accessories include:

  • ƒƒThe sterilization cassette to protect and prevent loss of delicate instruments. It is ideal for steam sterilization.
  • The needle rack to provide safe storage of loaded needles and reduced radiation exposure.
  • The transfer tube for needle post-loading.

On Time Delivery and Reliable Service
Due to its localization in the heart of Europe and intelligent stock management, Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG is able to provide its wide range of products quickly and reliably worldwide, allowing flexible patient scheduling.
Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG staff are available to its customers for all questions related to seed implantation. Additionally, Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG offers full installation to hospitals, including treatment planning systems, ultrasound scanners and a complete range of accessories.

"Made in Germany" Quality
Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG´s IsoCord® strands are manufactured in Berlin, Germany, and fulfill the highest quality standards for physicians, physicists and patients. Each IsoCord® is individually checked and subject to final inspection prior to delivery.