Skin HDR Applicators - Highlights

H.A.M. Applicators (Flaps)

The Harrison-Anderson-Mick Applicators are used for the treatment of advanced or recurrent colorectal cancer, advanced tumors of pelvis or retroperitoneum, chest wall sarcomas and superficial tumors. They consist of a flexible pad of silicone rubber that is 8 mm thick and available in different sizes. An array of catheters are embedded parallel to each other spaced 10 mm apart while a consistent source-to-tissue distance of 5 mm is maintained.


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Valencia Applicator Set
The Valencia Applicator design allows for non-invasive brachytherapy of skin cancer, which can be performed in a few fractions with high dose rate Ir-192 sources. The tungsten-shielded applicator provides a flat dose profile to the skin to provide a more uniform dose to the target area. Thanks to a special skin dose prescription feature in the treatment planning system SagiPlan®, dwell times are automatically determined based on the prescribed dose and depth. The integrated support of the Valencia Applicator enables to plan, treat and report in one system without the need for extra calculations in proprietary calculation tools. SagiPlan® gives the user the ability to evaluate and control dose distribution through ultrasound image overlay.


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3D Printing Solution

Through a cooperation with Adaptiiv, Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG can offer its customers 3D printed solutions for HDR surface brachytherapy. Adaptiiv’s enhanced software algorithms allow users to automatically design a patient-specific applicator and 3D print it, resulting in hollow catheter trajectories with a constant user-defined stand-off and separation distances. This customizable module provides a superior tool for optimizing and delivering the prescribed dose to patients compared to other common techniques.


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