Skin HDR Applicators - Highlights

H.A.M. Applicators (Flabs)

The Harrison-Anderson-Mick Applicators are used for the treatment of advanced or recurrent colorectal cancer, advanced tumors of pelvis or retroperitoneum, chest wall sarcomas and superficial tumors. They consist of a flexible pad of silicone rubber that is 8 mm thick and available in different sizes. An array of catheters are embedded parallel to each other spaced 10 mm apart while a consistent source-to-tissue distance of 5 mm is maintained.


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Valencia Applicator Set
The Valencia Applicator design allows for non-invasive brachytherapy of skin cancer, which can be performed in a few fractions with high dose rate Ir-192 sources. The tungsten-shielded applicator provides a flat dose profile to the skin to provide a more uniform dose to the target area. The 20 mm and 30 mm versions have different tube lengths and, like all Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG and Mick Radio-Nuclear Instruments HDR Applicators, allow for automatic length verification with the SagiNova® afterloader. If the treatment plan requires a 20 mm applicator, the afterloader measures the length of the connected applicator and checks that it matches the expectation.


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