HDR Brachytherapy

HDR (high dose rate) brachytherapy is conducted with a so-called HDR afterloader, also known as a remote afterloading system. With the help of applicators and catheters, the very small radiation source is driven from a shielded safe – located inside the afterloader – directly into or next to the tumor. A computerized treatment planning programme calculates precisely how long the source has to stay and radiate at the so-called dwell positions before being driven back into the safe. HDR brachytherapy can often be performed on an out-patient basis. Additionally, it is conducted in only a few fractions. This noticeably increases the patient’s quality of life.

With SagiNova® Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG  manufactures a system which is designed for the entire range of HDR brachytherapy applications, including intracavitary, interstitial, intraluminal, and intraoperative treatments, as well as surface therapy of tumors. Apart from the complete product portfolio for the afterloading, Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG provides full on-site installation of the device, technical service, as well as a professional training for the clinic staff.