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Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG: Transparency notification

Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG
Limited Liability Company whose securities are admitted to trading on a regular market
Registered office : Parc Industriel de Seneffe 1, 7180 Seneffe, Belgium
Company number : 0457.288.682 (RLE Brussels)

Press release

Transparency notification

Publication in accordance with Article 15 §1, section 1 of the Act of 2 May 2007 (the "Act") on the disclosure of major shareholdings in listed companies (loi relative à la publicité des participations importantes dans des émetteurs dont les actions sont admises à la négociation sur un marché réglementé et portant des dispositions diverses).

  • Following a capital increase in cash in the amount of EUR 5,056,168.48 decided on 9 June 2016, 5,745,646 new shares were issued. The capital of Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG SA has been increased to EUR 14,439,797.82 and it is now represented by 23,300,000 shares.
  • Total number of shares granting voting rights: 23,300,000 shares.
  • Total number of beneficiary shares granting voting rights: 5,025,000 shares.
  • Total number of securities granting voting rights: 28,325,000.
  • Total number of existing voting rights: 28,325,000 (new denominator).
  • In relation to the notification thresholds, the company has not foreseen additional thresholds in its articles of association than the legal thresholds.

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In accordance with the Act, notifications of major shareholdings must be send to the company by email to the attention of Karolin Riehle at:

All questions relating to this transparency notification can be transmitted to: