Corporate Governance

The concept of Corporate Governance refers to a set of rules and behaviors according to which companies are managed and controlled. Its main objective is to contribute to the creation of long-term value for the company, its shareholders and stakeholders. In this respect Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG has sought to apply the recommendations contained in the "Belgian Corporate Governance Code" and those issued by the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority) in its mission of controlling the periodical and continuous publication obligations of listed companies. The company governance charter can be found under the Corporate Governance Charter section.

The composition of the Board is shown below:


Duties within
Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG

Dr. Andreas Eckert 

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Harald Hasselmann

Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Lutz Uharek

Independent Director

Susanne Becker

Independent Director

Anna Steeger 

Independent Director

Paola Eckert-Palvarini


The mandate of the Statutory Auditor has a term of three years and is renewable. The current mandate will expire at the end of the 2019 AGM called to approve the annual accounts for the financial year closing on December 31, 2018. The present Statutory Auditor is BDO.

Download the Corporate Governance Charter here.