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IBt - International Brachytherapy s.a. : Reorganization of the activities of the IBt group

2 June 2008 - IBt - (Reuters: IBTH.BR - Bloomberg: IBTB BB)

After informing workers' representatives, IBt presented to its General Meeting of shareholders, today, 2 June 2008, its intention to implement a plan to integrate and reorganize its activities.

Readers are reminded that, in February this year, IBt acquired control of BEBIG GmbH, a Germany company operating in the same sector as IBt, that is the treatment of certain forms of cancer with permanent implants. Today the group has two operating sites, at Seneffe and Berlin, both having largely the same activities.

This integration and reorganisation plan, if implemented, is intended to improve production efficiency at IBt and to achieve a better distribution of activities between the different group sites.

The broad lines of this integration plan involve (1) concentrating at Seneffe the Sales and Marketing activities, plus R&D relating to the intellectual property held by IBt , and all the general parent company departments (Finance, HR, IR, legal, etc.) and (2), concentrating the implants production activities on the Berlin site.

Out of a concern to respect all legislation in this matter, the company has therefore announced today its intention of closing the "Manufacturing" department of its Seneffe site and to proceed with a collective dismissal of workers. In accordance with the applicable procedures, senior management has proposed to the trade union organizations to initiate the information and consultation phase with a view to determining, on the one hand, the possibilities open in order to avoid or reduce the mass redundancies and, on the other hand, the social measures to be taken to attenuate the consequences of a collective dismissal.

IBt, International Brachytherapy s.a., designs, produces and markets worldwide a complete range of radiotherapy implants used in brachytherapy. Brachytherapy is a medical technology that consists of placing implants containing radio isotopes into the middle of cancer tissue. Local radiation from the implants destroys the cancerous cells. The primary application of brachytherapy today is for treating localized prostrate cancer.

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