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IBt grows and diversifies into «Temporary Brachytherapy »

Embargo until 17h40 (Brussels time) Oct 14, 2008

IBt grows and diversifies into "Temporary Brachytherapy "

Acquisition of two new businesses:

1. Treatment of Eye Cancer (Implants Plaques)
2. Treatment of Gynecological Cancers (Temporary Implants)

Seneffe - October 14, 2008

IBt - (Reuters: IBTH.BR - Bloomberg: IBTB BB)

IBt s.a., based in Seneffe - Belgium (IBt) and Eckert & Ziegler AG, based in Berlin - Germany (EZAG) have reached an agreement whereby IBt will purchase two business segments currently operated by subsidiaries of EZAG.

The two business segments are clearly separate in their organization but both belong to the same core activity: the treatment of cancer by the brachytherapy technique.

- The first segment focuses on the treatment of eye cancer by using implants that have the shape of a plaque and that are associated with a Ru106 isotope.
With this acquisition, IBt will be holding a world dominant position in this "high tech and niche" market.

- The second segment focuses on the treatment of gynecological cancers by using "temporary implants". Using Co-60 or Ir-192 radioactive sources contained and shielded in a trolley, catheters are inserted in the body and allow for a "temporary implant" to be positioned directly inside the tumor itself ("remote afterloading" technique). It is generally referred to this segment as the "afterloader segment". The equipment containing the radioactive sources is today primarily sold outside of Europe.

The purchased assets will cover: (1) complete production lines for each segment, (2) an extensive sales and distribution network and (3) all working capital items. It is expected that these assets will contribute to increase IBt group sales by at least 10 millions EUR in 2009. Important synergies should derive from the fact that these two production lines are located close to the existing production facilities in Berlin.

Commenting on the transaction, François Blondel, CEO of IBt, said: "This acquisition fits perfectly with our strategy to reduce our risk profile and to grow by diversifying our sources of revenues while keeping focus on our core business: the treatment of cancer by brachytherapy."

The initial purchase price is set at 5 millions EUR but depending on the achievement of certain targets during the year 2009, this price could be subject to adjustments. These potential adjustments could either increase or decrease the initial price by a maximum of 1.5 millions EUR. The acquisition will be financed by the issuance of a long term loan. It is expected that this loan will be either provided by bank financing if prevailing market conditions are acceptable, or, through a "vendor's loan", the terms of which have already been secured.

François Blondel further commented: "In less than a year we have achieved a very profound change in scope of the group. We have transformed IBt from a company that was focused on the treatment of prostate cancer and generating sales of 8 million EUR on the European market only, into a group now three times bigger, with a much better balanced portfolio of activities and the potential to truly become the reference in its market !"

After integrating these activities, IBt will consist of a group of over 140 people located in 5 different European countries.

Subject to Board of Directors approval, closing of the transaction is expected in the next few weeks.

IBt BEBIG Group designs, produces and markets worldwide a complete range of radiotherapy implants used in permanent brachytherapy. Since IBt and BEBIG GmbH have combined their activities in February 2008, the group is today the leader in its segment with subsidiaries based in Germany, France, UK & Ireland, Spain, and Italy as well as an extensive network of distributors spread throughout the world.

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