Fast, Flexible, and Precise Treatment Planning System

Treatment comfort and user-friendliness thanks to HDRplus – The software makes the planning process fast, flexible, and precise, delivering an optimized treatment plan. 

It supports all HDR applications, including intracavitary, interstitial, intraluminal, and intraoperative treatments.

The HDRplus user interface features a modern and easy-touse structure, including many possibilities to customize the layout and parameter settings. This allows the user to apply his own planning approach.

Complete Applicator Database
HDRplus has a complete applicator database at its disposal which can be used to select applicators and place them directly on the X-ray film or on the CT/MR images. A lengthy reconstruction of the applicator is no longer necessary.

Application Library
HDRplus can help the user to create his own application library which meets his needs in terms of loading pattern, control point, and all relevant settings for a plan. This function will speed up planning significantly and reduce the possibility of planning mistakes.

Automatic Applicator Reconstruction
The automatic applicator reconstruction identifies implanted breast needles and visualizes them in 3D in order to simplify treatment planning.

Automatic Image Fusion
The automatic image fusion enables users to match CT and MR images without any user interaction in less than 30 seconds.

Extended Dose Optimization Features
HDRplus includes extensive functions for the simplification of dose optimization. For this purpose, the user is provided with a wide array of options, both for automatic and manual optimization. Plans can be optimized using geometric optimization, inverse planning, or setting control and dose prescription points (for example). Moreover, a very user-friendly edit function, called isodose shaping, can be directly applied by the user with the mouse to shape the isodoses as required.



Integrated Prostate Module

For interactive online planning of prostate treatment, an add-on software package – the Prostate Module – can be fully integrated into HDRplus for MultiSource®. There is no need to run different hardware or software. Real-time isodose calculation, real-time histogram and parameter update, as well as needle placement guidance and applicator editing on live ultrasound images additionally facilitate prostate HDR treatment. The Prostate Module uses either transversal or longitudinal TRUS for real-time online planning. It is especially easy to find correct needle positions in longitudinal planning by using automatic angle recognition with angle position feedback.

Significant Evaluation and Viewing
HDRplus uses modern imaging technology to provide significant evaluation options for isodoses, organ contours, and applicators for optimal planning. Isodoses, organ contours, and applicators can be displayed in 2D planes on coronal, sagittal, transversal, and oblique views. Additionally, a powerful 3D viewing function allows transparency and zoom in views of organs, applicators, and dose distributions. Dose histogram functions can be used to evaluate the treatment plan.

Extensive and Customizable Documentation
An extensive and customizable report function provides physician defined information and streamlined output.