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August 02, 2017

Partial-breast radiotherapy after breast conservation surgery for patients with early breast cancer (UK IMPORT LOW trial): 5-year results from a multicentre, randomised, controlled, phase 3, non-inferiority trial

Background: Local cancer relapse risk after breast conservation surgery followed by radiotherapy has fallen sharply in many countries, and is influenced by patient age and clinicopathological factors. We hypothesise that partial-breast radiotherapy...

July 16, 2017

Brachytherapy improves outcomes in young men (≤60 years) with prostate cancer: A SEER analysis

The authors regret that the following details in the published paper need to be corrected. The corrections in texts and revised Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, Table 4, Table 5 shown... 

June 30, 2017

INTERACTS (INTERventional Radiotherapy ACtive Teaching School) guidelines for quality assurance in choroidal melanoma interventional radiotherapy (brachytherapy) procedures

Purpose: Ocular melanoma represents the second most common type of melanoma after cutaneous form. It generally originates from uvea (82.5% of the cases), and is the first primary intraocular malignancy with an incidence that varies between 2 cases per million in the Southern Europe and 8 per million in the Northern Europe...,54,30251,1,1.html 

June 27, 2017

Single-dose high-dose-rate brachytherapy compared to two and three fractions for locally advanced prostate cancer

Background: Single-dose high-dose-rate brachytherapy (HDR-BT), in a Phase-II study, was compared to two or three fractions in intermediate and high-risk localized prostate cancer...

June 16, 2017

High-dose-rate brachytherapy as salvage modality for locally recurrent prostate cancer after definitive radiotherapy

Purpose: To review the current status of interstitial high-dose-rate brachytherapy as a salvage modality (sHDR BRT) for locally recurrent prostate cancer after definitive radiotherapy (RT)...

June 14, 2017

Long-term prognostic significance of rising PSA levels following radiotherapy for localized prostate cancer – focus on overall survival

Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate the long-term prognostic significance of rising PSA levels, particularly focussing on overall survival...

June 02, 2017

Patterns of Care Related to Post-Operative Radiotherapy for Patients with Prostate Cancer among Canadian Radiation Oncologists and Urologists

The American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) and American Urological Association (AUA) developed post-prostatectomy radiotherapy (RT) guidelines to aid patient counseling on adjuvant (ART) and salvage radiotherapy (SRT)... 

June 01, 2017

Breast Cancer Disparities at Home and Abroad: A Review of the Challenges and Opportunities for System-Level Change

Sizeable disparities exist in breast cancer outcomes, both between Black and White patients in the United States, and between patients in the United States and other high-income countries compared with low- and middle-income countries (LMIC)... 

May 29, 2017

Pattern of Local Recurrence After I-125 Episcleral Brachytherapy for Uveal Melanoma in a Spanish Referral Ocular Oncology Unit

Purpose: To describe the time, frequency, and clinical characteristics of treatment failure after I-125 brachytherapy in patients with uveal melanoma treated and followed in a Spanish referral ocular oncology unit... 

May 15, 2017

Analysis of immune status after iodine-125 permanent brachytherapy in prostate cancer

Background: Permanent prostate brachytherapy (PPB) is an effective treatment choice for low and intermediate risk prostate cancer (PCa). However, the impact of PPB on tumor immune status is still poorly understood...

April 28, 2017

Second salvage high-dose-rate brachytherapy for radiorecurrent prostate cancer

Purpose: Local recurrent prostate cancer after primary radiotherapy is a significant clinical problem. Approximately, half of all patients with high-risk prostate cancer experience a recurrence within 10 years post treatment [1,2]...,54,29774,1,1.html

April 28, 2017

Use of ultrasound in image-guided high-dose-rate brachytherapy: enumerations and arguments

Inherently, brachytherapy is the most conformal radiotherapeutic technique. As an aid to brachytherapy, ultrasonography (USG) serves as a portable, inexpensive, and simple to use method allowing for accurate, reproducible, and adaptive treatments...,54,29870,1,1.html

April 23, 2017

Prostate brachytherapy, either alone or in combination with external beam radiation, is associated with longer overall survival in men with favorable pathologic Group 4 (Gleason score 8) prostate cancer

Purpose: Conventional prostate cancer risk stratification results in considerable heterogeneity within each prognostic group. Men with pathologic grade Group 4 (Gleason score 8) but otherwise low-risk features have been identified as a favorable subset of high-risk prostate cancer. Given recent randomized data supporting improved cancer outcome with brachytherapy...

April 01, 2017

Adherence to guidelines and breast cancer patients survival: a population-based cohort study analyzed with a causal inference approach

Purpose: There is a lack of real-world studies evaluating the impact on survival of an evidence-based pathway of care in breast cancer. The aim of this work is to investigate the effect of adherence to guidelines on long-term survival for a cohort of Italian breast cancer patients...

March 30, 2017

How one institution overcame the challenges to start an MRI-based brachytherapy program for cervical cancer

Purpose: Adaptive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based brachytherapy results in improved local control and decreased high-grade toxicities compared to historical controls. Incorporating MRI into the workflow of a department can be a major challenge when initiating an MRI-based brachytherapy program...

March 27, 2017

Brachytherapy for Patients With Prostate Cancer: American Society of Clinical Oncology/Cancer Care Ontario Joint Guideline Update

Purpose: To jointly update the Cancer Care Ontario guideline on brachytherapy for patients with prostate cancer to account for new evidence.

Methods: An Update Panel conducted a targeted systematic literature review and identified more recent randomized controlled trials comparing dose-escalated external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) with brachytherapy in men with prostate cancer...

February 28, 2017

High biologically effective dose radiation therapy using brachytherapy in combination with external beam radiotherapy for high-risk prostate cancer

High-risk prostate cancer is a category of prostate cancer that includes an aggressive tumor and/or a high tumor burden [1,2]. Importantly, inadequate local control in the management of the high-risk prostate cancer patients leads to metastasis or death...,54,29511,1,1.html

February 28, 2017

Staged reconstruction brachytherapy has lower overall cost in recurrent soft-tissue sarcoma

Purpose: The treatment of extremity soft tissue sarcoma (STS) was historically driven by radical compartmental resections. The gold standard of treatment has shifted towards a multidisciplinary approach, utilizing adjuvant radiation (RT), and less radical surgery, to improve limb function and quality of life [1,2,3,4,5]...,54,29340,1,1.html

January 13, 2017

Late side-effects and cosmetic results of accelerated partial breast irradiation with interstitial brachytherapy versus whole-breast irradiation after breast-conserving surgery for low-risk invasive and in-situ carcinoma of the female breast

Background: We previously confirmed the non-inferiority of accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) with interstitial brachytherapy in terms of local control and overall survival compared with whole-breast irradiation for patients with early-stage breast cancer who underwent breast-conserving surgery in a phase 3 randomised trial...

January 06, 2017

US cancer death rate drops 25% since 1991

The cancer death rate in the United States has dropped 25 per cent from a peak in 1991, mainly due to a steady decline in smoking and advances in early detection and treatment of tumors, new research released Thursday shows...

January 04, 2017

ASTRO Expands Guidelines for Treatment of Breast Cancer with Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation

According to the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) younger patients with early stage breast cancer and individuals with low-risk ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) can appropriately be treated with accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI)...

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